HOPE NEVER DIES: A poem by Saleem Mbwambwa

He woke up one day,
seeing the firmament so pellucid and hear the birds
do nothing, but sing.

A smile grew on his face and from that moment,
he knew he was going to win.
From a distance, his happiness started to blossom as he
heard the school bell ring.

Despite all his past failures and all the pain, he suffered,
as the story reads,
his mother sacrificed all she had,
giving him, her son, all he could possibly need.

Temptations, difficulties, so called trials and tribulations
surrounded him, and he kept his chin up.
So ambitious, so driven, he did what needed to be done,
the temptations the enemy and his mind the gun.

He persevered, he endured, He prayed, and He smiled.
He smiled, even in times that were considered the worst and yet he
still looked up to the heavens, raised his hands and prayed for the best
and he had to leave everything to his maker, to take care of the rest.

At the end of the day, he knew that this was all a test,
for not only did the heavens bless him with success,
but also, a story worth telling for generations to come,
as the title of the story reads, ‘Hope never dies’.

POEM: The day we first met

The striking moment when our eyes first met,
silent words, eyes gazing before the first words of hello
were uttered.
The unforgettable scent of lotus flowers and lavender,
that day became my favorite date on the calendar.


A poem for my father

What’s left of you is but a memory.
The words of wisdom you fed us when we were young,
the laughs we shared, but now,
all your footsteps have been washed away by
the rain of yesterday.
Funny how I try to trace those footsteps, trying to be
like you, adding my own of course and yet the song is still the same.
A song I still sing every day.

You were my super-dad
and I still wear your emblem on my chest
to show those who never knew,
that you were the best.
The man who put his family first
before the rest,
and some say we were blessed.

‘Tomorrow is another day’, your favorite quote
Sharp words from a man that was full of hope,
as bold as a dragon,
you can imagine.
A man full of flaws, but who let us see perfection.

When the sun sets to the east, that’s when we will meet.
I will tell you about all the stories you would have missed.
Tears of joy as they roll down my cheeks,
a man I am but such emotions I can’t resist
I can say I am proud,
proud of the man I have become,
so good how it feels to say it out loud.
I am proud to be your son.

Cheers to the memories created and to the love we shared
Cheers to the life we had,
Cheers to you dad.


Your kiss was perfect,
the way you closed your eyes every time I kissed you,
the way you kept hold of me every time I said goodbye going to work,
the way you looked at me each time you woke up next to me.
Your eyes were perfect,
those blue eyes,
the way they changed color from blue to gray and sometimes hazel when you
looked at the sunset,
the way they became watery every time I mentioned how much I loved you.
Only a painful reminder of how they closed with tears rolling down your cheeks when
we parted ways, is a memory I am now left with.

POEM: Crying Heart

Sometimes I hear my heart crying for you,
and i cry with her.
Sometimes this loneliness doesn’t even make sense,
how could I loose you with a blink of an eye,
how foolish am I not see how perfect
you were for me.
Too blind not to see.

POEM: I want you to imagine this

My Everything…

I could give you the world, but it doesn’t belong to me. Instead, i can lend you my heart, that i too have been entrusted with. You are my world, my everything…XoXo

Short story: Fighting my own body and mind

For so many years, I have lived in a constant loop. It started at a young age, believing that I wasn’t intelligent, that I wasn’t good enough for any activity including recreational sports for that matter.

It first started off as a thought, then later it became part of me. Living in my own world, I always had a firm belief, or rather a different mindset that, I couldn’t have been born without one single thing I am good at, impossible right?

Losing hope isn’t always in the equation, but when reality creeps in, the strength of holding on to that rope of ‘hope’ starts to fade away. Your mind becomes a playground for such thoughts, they build sandcastles, they build offices and finally they build homes inside your mind, meaning those thoughts are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. I have always looked down upon myself especially being surrounded by those straight ‘A’ students in class and when I thought the pain was over uponhearing the lunch bell ring, I had to face the top notches in sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, to name a few as I was an all-rounder because I was trying to find where I really belonged, where I didn’t feel out of place, but the end is always the same in such cases.

However, as an ambivert, at least that’s what I think of myself now, it was hard for me to ask around for advice, it was hard to even ask my own parents to at least give me a shade of light upon the darkness I was leaning towards, I couldn’t. It’s so sad for a kid to go through such and not have the courage to try to help himself all in the name of self-doubt. Nowadays, people often feel more comfortable telling their friends everything happening in their lives, but for me, it was the complete opposite, since I had no one, I was all alone.

There is a difference between being surrounded by people and being with people. What do I mean? I mean, often we are surrounded by so many people, but they don’t even know what we/you are going through, in other words, they are just minding their own business and ‘being with the people’ simply means that one is conversing, interacting and/or living with the people which makes it easier to consult, get help and free yourself from drowning in such thoughts.

Now the question is, what did I do to overcome this and be where I am now today? Well, the answer isn’t always clear, however, there are ways that I had to teach myself andadapt to, so as to have some kind of progress in my life.

I started writing and reading poetry, something that never made any sense before, became clearer as I could relate more to it. I also bought a camera, well an old one, but who cares anyway, the most important thing is that I found it easier to express myself and my feelings through taking pictures from a different perspective that could, however, show or tell how I felt without being poetic. I realized I was multi-talented, and until to this day, it has helped me a lot in fighting my own body and mind, fighting the insecurities, the laziness, the negative thoughts, and it HELPED!

Fighting your own body and mind can be a very lengthy process, however, knowing that you are reading this simply tells me that you are willing to go the extra mile to try to help yourself, thus, having the patience for it.

Find! what you love doing the most, what makes you smile and happy, as it serves as a drive from negative emotions towards something more positive and enlightening, I call that magic.

I am sure most people are believers, as I am myself, and pray! prayer is also a weapon in your life, praying and working for a good turn in your life, yes that works only if you have the patience and belief that it will work.

I have come across many people I thought of as friends who always lowered and pinned me down, always degraded me, and seeing any progress in life was even harder as I would compare myself to them. If you want to make a change in your life, you have to be willing to let go of those people even if it means you will be alone for some time, you have to be willing to let go of the good to attain the better, that’s how you fight your own body and mind, that’s how you start to gain more control of your life. It works very well,

I now see what they call ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’.

POEM: light lost from her eyes…

Her soul could not give him much
love anymore, but yet still he roared with
She gave him all of her and was left with
nothing, even her eyes witnessed the light
departing from within