Feeling hopeless because of COVID-19?

Lost all hope because of the global pandemic?

There’s no doubt that the year 2020 was one of the toughest years that we had to endure. So many things happened beyond imaginable, lives lost and many people losing their jobs because of this Global pandemic known as ‘Covid-19’ or Corona Virus.

What is Covid-19 or Coronavirus anyway? Well according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

For more on Coronavirus disease, tap on the link to read and learn more about what the disease is and how it spreads. Not only did people lose their lives because of this disease, but a lot more lost their jobs because many companies had to shut down because of the economic strain the outbreak caused. Now, because a lot of many people have been left to wonder how they would pay for their food, daily expenses and so on, we can all try to imagine how the less fortunate have been affected. Since the beginning of the year 2020, many have been challenged, mentally of course and to those who were and still not ready to deal with this chaos, hope seems to be lost and to some, they are holding on as much as they can.

Financially, there is not much that many can do to help themselves to fight poverty and the likes, but it seems the only thing we can hold on to and try not to lose, is hope. Hoping things will turn out well sooner or later. Hope never dies as the saying goes and it sure doesn’t die. Positivity goes a long way during these difficult times. Of course, because these are testing times for all of us, we are bound to meet people who have been affected mentally, and probably they cannot hope for things to get better anymore. If you are one of those optimistic individuals who always hope for things to get better, then spreading positivity is surely another way to help those who do not see colour anymore in these grey times. Losing hope is more of a choice to some extent because no one or nothing can take it away from you. Yes! there is a fine line between being overly optimistic and being a realist, but you can’t argue that most of us are getting by just because we spend half of the day in our imaginations. We spend half of the day thinking of how things could have been because we are just afraid to face reality. It’s now a blessing to survive to see the next day, hoping to see have that car you had been dreaming to have in the next five years. Dreams to get married, dreams to have children, dreams to go to that favorite city or country all seem to be an almost impossible thing to have or achieve now.

There has been a high record of people committing suicide, because they can’t bear to face reality. It’s not a shameful thing to look for help if such thoughts have been crossing your mind. Look for help, be around people who have that positive vibe to feed yours which is now fading away in a place of no return. Hug the next person to you as you are reading this, show them love and make them feel loved and vice-versa because honestly no one was promised to see tomorrow. Hoping to see tomorrow, hoping to reach that light at the end of the tunnel, hoping to see that beautiful rainbow at the end of the storm is what gets us by in these troubling times.

Pray and be patient, things won’t change overnight, but hoping they will, helps us get out of bed in the morning every day. For one to enjoy the fruits of hope, one must get up and do his or her part, and let the Almighty do the rest. The most important thing is to spread the positivity.

If you see someone with a dimming light in his or her heart, help them see the light that you see. We won’t get by on our own, but if we work together, keep each other safe and if we just take a deep breath for a moment and think that eventually after a storm comes calm, then I assure you the end result is blissful. It won’t be easy and that’s a fact but trying won’t hurt.

You are still able to smile, despite losing your job or losing a loved one? Then I salute you because it’s not easy to be strong in these weak times. You are still able to smile even though the world has turned its back away from you? then put that blessing of a smile on the person next to you and you will notice how, hopeful you will feel that nothing as monstrous as this disease will be permanent, everything is temporary in this world. Now we all hope 2021 will be an amazing year.

“You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.” – Michelle Obama

Poem: Autumn Love

The crave for endless love,
to love,
to live in love,
to be in love,
to love to be loved.

to hug and not let go,
to lean on and Trust,
But that’s not the world we live in.
In this world, we love and they don’t
love us back.

We care, but it ends in dispair.
Just like autumn,
their love comes and goes.


A lot of people are willing to go an extra mile just to gain respect from other people. To some, it’s not just a word, but something of great value that, heinous crimes are committed just so fear and respect are instilled in people.

Without respect, we can agree that we feel like we are at the bottom of the food chain, we feel powerless, and/or in other words, worthless. Respect goes a long way, from being the CEO of a great company to a class monitor at a primary school and all these people are known to be highly respected because of their status in the community at large.

Karma, as it is famously known, plays a huge role in what we long for, which is gaining respect from other people. What do I mean by this? I mean that, if you want to be respected by people, you must learn and respect people as well, it’s not a one side thing.

You expect to be respected but this is how you live your life:

1. You gamble with your paycheck and forget about your family back home. You don’t take care about your needs first, your health, giving out charity.

2. You party hard, go to the Club all night and sleep during the day. You have no purpose, you actually chose to have no purpose because you think you live by the infamous motto, “You only live once, so live to the fullest”, but you forget about the consequences, the results of the life now, to the day of tomorrow.

3. You don’t care about Humanity, you don’t care about life in general and you expect others to have respect towards you, to treat you good.

You long to be loved, to be respected, to be cared for, to be important to the society, yet you do the complete opposite to the same society you expect to receive a huge amount of respect from.

How do you earn respect from people? A simple question with a few easy and simple answers too. You must start with the small steps or small things of course:

  • Be the first person in the room to greet people
  • Be the helping hand most of the times. Offer help and support to people who need it as they say, it goes a long way.
  • Give some space to people if they request of it and don’t engage yourself in other people’s business especially if you don’t want people to mingle in yours.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

If you take a close look at some of the points I listed above, you will notice that they all have one main thing in common, which is being ‘good’. If you are good to people, most of the times the goodness you show to people always finds its way back to you, sooner or later.

We talked about karma before, in this case, good karma, that if you do good then surely good things comes back to you as it is with respect. Its safe to say that respect and being good, are to some extend one and the same thing.

I Feel trapped in my own mind

Day by day,
I stand idle behind the door,
looking at the locks mounting on each other,
trapped inside and I don’t know what to do

I am a prisoner in my own dreams, in my own world.
I have been comfortable far too long in my so called
comfort zone’, I am weak.
Afraid to admit and too afraid to face my fears,
hard to express, but the words are written on my tears.

It never crossed my mind,
if I could or if I should break the silence.
Maybe I can’t do it or maybe I need guidance.

A question always comes into my mind and has become
a nuisance.
What If?!

What If,
the reason I am trapped in my own mind,
is because I am afraid to face the world, to feel real pain,
to fall and never get back up?
What If,
the reason I am trapped in my own mind,
is because I am far too damaged to heal?

After all, only a man of courage sees a door where the cowards think there’s no way.
Well, I guess I will never know until I try.

HOPE NEVER DIES: A poem by Saleem Mbwambwa

He woke up one day,
seeing the firmament so pellucid and hear the birds
do nothing, but sing.

A smile grew on his face and from that moment,
he knew he was going to win.
From a distance, his happiness started to blossom as he
heard the school bell ring.

Despite all his past failures and all the pain, he suffered,
as the story reads,
his mother sacrificed all she had,
giving him, her son, all he could possibly need.

Temptations, difficulties, so called trials and tribulations
surrounded him, and he kept his chin up.
So ambitious, so driven, he did what needed to be done,
the temptations the enemy and his mind the gun.

He persevered, he endured, He prayed, and He smiled.
He smiled, even in times that were considered the worst and yet he
still looked up to the heavens, raised his hands and prayed for the best
and he had to leave everything to his maker, to take care of the rest.

At the end of the day, he knew that this was all a test,
for not only did the heavens bless him with success,
but also, a story worth telling for generations to come,
as the title of the story reads, ‘Hope never dies’.

POEM: The day we first met

The striking moment when our eyes first met,
silent words, eyes gazing before the first words of hello
were uttered.
The unforgettable scent of lotus flowers and lavender,
that day became my favorite date on the calendar.


A poem for my father

What’s left of you is but a memory.
The words of wisdom you fed us when we were young,
the laughs we shared, but now,
all your footsteps have been washed away by
the rain of yesterday.
Funny how I try to trace those footsteps, trying to be
like you, adding my own of course and yet the song is still the same.
A song I still sing every day.

You were my super-dad
and I still wear your emblem on my chest
to show those who never knew,
that you were the best.
The man who put his family first
before the rest,
and some say we were blessed.

‘Tomorrow is another day’, your favorite quote
Sharp words from a man that was full of hope,
as bold as a dragon,
you can imagine.
A man full of flaws, but who let us see perfection.

When the sun sets to the east, that’s when we will meet.
I will tell you about all the stories you would have missed.
Tears of joy as they roll down my cheeks,
a man I am but such emotions I can’t resist
I can say I am proud,
proud of the man I have become,
so good how it feels to say it out loud.
I am proud to be your son.

Cheers to the memories created and to the love we shared
Cheers to the life we had,
Cheers to you dad.

You have to take one step at a time

Photo by @leemblueprint

We all want that brand new Lamborghini, that big house in a fancy neighborhood or that fancy position at work. We all want so many things in life that other people are willing to do anything and everything they can to get those things, to get what they dream of in life. Nothing good in life comes easy, so there is always a catch, there is always one thing people aren’t willing to do this, so as to achieve their goals and to get what they want, and that is being patient along the process, to take one step at a time on their journey to success.

Yes, some people were fortunate to be born into the life that other people desperately want, but that’s not always the case, well, for most of us anyway. You have to be willing to take the necessary steps in life to have what you desperately crave, the life of fortune, fame, or money. There are ‘steps’ as some would like to call it, or ‘levels’ or in other words, phases in life you have to go through to make it in life, as you recall what I wrote earlier that, nothing good in life comes easy.

What are these steps or phases we are talking about anyway? Well, for the first step, we have all covered it anyway, which is imagining or picturing ourselves living that lavish life, driving that nice car or whatever it is you are hoping to achieve in life. The next steps that follow aren’t always easy, but they are of course the most important steps.

Here are some of the steps/phases you have to go through, all the way to success:

1. Dreaming about life

You’re just laying in bed, probably looking at the ceiling and you start picturing yourself coming out of that Rolls-Royce or living in that lake-house, living life until you eventually fall asleep. We all have those moments when we just escape from the world for a little bit, just fantasizing or imagining a life that we wish we had, but the most painful thing is snapping back to reality and realizing that you are still on ground zero.

2. Putting your imagination on Paper

You have pictured it, you want it, you write your ideas down, a vision for what you want. You try to put those unclear thoughts into paper, to believe it, to convince yourself that you want it. This is the most important phase as it paves way for the road that you want to take, for the path to success. You scramble a few words on paper, you tear it down, you know what you want, you know what’s on your mind, but you can’t seem to put it in black and white, but eventually, with time, you do succeed in doing so. Creating schedules, setting up meetings, preparing your speeches, investing, and/or designing charts or lists to really see the bigger picture from the far corner of the room.

3. Executing the idea

Now that you have dreamed it, written it down, the next step is to execute the ideas or plans, break a sweat, go to work, sleepless nights. Again and again, you make a lot of sacrifices, you lose some friends along the way, you lose some money, bad investments, or you meet the right people who will help you move forward with your vision. You have to remember that not everyone wants to see you succeed, not everyone sees the world the way you do, so you have to be focused on this big step, you have to be willing to let go of the good to get the better. You have to remember that it is in this step, where one takes a huge leap of faith because not at all times, you are going to succeed right at the get-go, you will fall many times and you will keep getting up, fall again until you eventually reach that light at the end of the tunnel. In this crucial step, you have to be ready to face the world, for what the world might throw at you, you won’t like it. You have to be fully committed to everything to work out the way you want.

4. Patience or letting the universe do its magic

In this final step, after all the hard work or amount of energy you would have used on some of the things we talked about on the third step, you wait. What do I mean by ‘wait’? I simply mean that even though patience takes time, waiting for the result is one of the most painful parts of your journey to success. Good things come to those who wait, and even if they don’t at a certain time you were expecting them to happen, you have to be willing to wait for more. You have to remember that for you to get this far, you knew that this step was to come and you would have to be willing to wait.

A lot of people want an easy life, but don’t want to work for it, I mean who doesn’t? We always see a lot of questions on the internet on, ‘How to make it quick in life?’, but the reality of it all is that life is not what it seems, things just don’t magically happen, but you have to work for it and you have to understand that you have to go through many steps in life until you reach to the top. You can’t take the first step, fourth step, the fifth step, and forget about the second step and the third, you have to make sure you go through each phase, one step at a time.

Patience takes time…

Evans Charlsea


Your kiss was perfect,
the way you closed your eyes every time I kissed you,
the way you kept hold of me every time I said goodbye going to work,
the way you looked at me each time you woke up next to me.
Your eyes were perfect,
those blue eyes,
the way they changed color from blue to gray and sometimes hazel when you
looked at the sunset,
the way they became watery every time I mentioned how much I loved you.
Only a painful reminder of how they closed with tears rolling down your cheeks when
we parted ways, is a memory I am now left with.


Why do you feel so lonely and sad?

I know you are probably thinking, you have all those people around you, at work, school, college, that you should not be feeling so lonely and/or sad. I know it’s frustrating, to be able to feel empty inside, nothing amuses you, no one really understands you, and that the world doesn’t really get you, who you are as a person. It’s sad to know that in a world full of people, billions of them, that you still feel lonely regardless.

Storytime, I remember a time when a person close to me passed away and I didn’t really have anyone else to talk to about it, considering my mother was also grieving and mourning and I didn’t want to add an extra load of worries on top of hers and I remember something someone said in an article, that if you are feeling down you should turn to someone close to you and try to talk to them about it, but in my case, I really didn’t have anyone in particular. Well, it’s all because of me being an introvert that I couldn’t just save myself from drowning in my own tears, that I couldn’t just talk to someone about it and as a result, it took a long time for me to be able to handle the sadness.

I started to joke about my sadness, trying to find humor where it isn’t which is not normal. I remember dating a girl and her asking me about my loss and of course I hadn’t told anyone else, well I thought, why not just tell her since it had been 3 years since the loss, to my surprise, I cried a lot and I didn’t know how emotional that made me and after the cuddles and talk, I felt a huge load of freedom from the load I had been carrying for almost three years, TALKING HELPS TOO. Why am I telling you this, you wonder, well it comes back to the main question, why do you feel so lonely and sad?

No one wants to be alone, to be left out in a world of billions. No one wants to feel like they are living on mars and they are seeing everybody else smile on earth, far away and here they are, living on an empty planet. Sadly for some people, it’s a choice, but for some, certain situations lead them to be in a state of loneliness. Some people are stuck with the notion that someone will come into their lives someday to save themselves from being alone and lonely, so they don’t bother talking to other people because of that idea. Mind you, talking to other people does not necessarily mean you have befriended them,
it could be your way of making yourself not feel lonely.

Why do you feel lonely, you ask yourself, well the answer to that question could be the fact that you are hanging out with the wrong people, who always make you doubt yourself and lead to you asking so many questions at times, dark answers. Most of the answers you get are often leading you to isolate yourself because you are wondering at the end of the day, “why bother?”

Some of the reasons you are lonely or feel lonely are because you are an introvert, yes! That’s one of the major reasons a majority of us feel lonely, because of the need to be in the corner of the room when everybody else is in the center living their lives expecting someone is going to come and save you. Having too many expectations in a friendship or relationship making some of those expectations too imaginative for anyone to meet them, is also a huge reason why you are feeling lonely and/or are lonely. Take it
down a notch, make things easy for those who surround you, and make things easy for yourself too, be a realist, at the end of the day, you are only human. Everything takes time, starting with a simple hi or hello to the person next to you. It all starts there and sure goes a long way after that.

It might sound cliche, but one of the reasons you feel lonely or might be lonely is because you spend too much time on your phone, you are constantly looking at, too good to be true, photos of people on social media, ergo, expecting the same to happen to you, forgetting that you should not believe everything you see on the internet. Switch off that phone and laptop for just a few minutes, come back to reality, ask yourself what is it that you really want, be positive-minded, they say you attract people who reflect the type of person you are on the inside, think about that for a minute
and then continue reading.

Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem, and loneliness. -Naomi Campbell

Not every friendship or relation is all magical and happy, this is reality, you want that happiness from and in people then it should start from you, thus, the same people you are going to attract and you won’t be lonely at the end of the day.