Poem: Life must be beautiful

To wake up each day with a different meaning.
Yesterday, not the same as today and vice-versa.
A second chance to last day's mistakes.

How can one deny the favours that life has to offer?
The blissfulness of curiousity, fear and excitement.
Life enticing one to step into the unknown?
Well then life must be beautiful.


A message i wrote to you
and you never saw,
A song I tried to sing but you never heard
Tears poured, but you thought they were of joy, sadly not.
The waves of the blue ocean and immediately i think of you, named after you.
05.43am I write a poem for i can’t reach out to you,i am just a relic to you, for we are now but a memory.
Pen and paper, notepad on my phone,
diary on my table, the closest things I hold dearly for those are the only things and places I write your name, to remember, to remember…
Poem by your lost lover @pellucidimagination

POEM: Crying Heart

Sometimes I hear my heart crying for you,
and i cry with her.
Sometimes this loneliness doesn’t even make sense,
how could I loose you with a blink of an eye,
how foolish am I not see how perfect
you were for me.
Too blind not to see.