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Poem: Grey Life

I have everything and nothing.A facade of a good life, butfull of murky shadows waiting topounce on every single chance i haveof happiness.But is it true happiness?is it a social dilemna?or its simply loneliness in disguise?A wild thought begetts doubt and doubt begetts ingratitude, thus,a lone-wolf is born.I still feel whole and empty,full of life … Continue reading Poem: Grey Life

Poem: Sunset

Hearing her speak,your heart melts.The sound of her voice is like a sweet serenadeand the feel of her touch is like two heartbeats in sync,pure magic. When love is in the equation,then you would understand.Her gaze, her scent, her laughand her spark it’s just magical.What more could you ask for? Watching the sunset with her … Continue reading Poem: Sunset

Poem: Cuteness

Cuteness by Saleem Mbwambwa@LeemVerse The sweet taste of love,the doves are my witness.Warm and gentle your arms around me,night kisses.Am i the luckiest guy in the world,i am overwhelmed by your kindess. You and me in the never ending momentan undying commitment.We are two souls lost in each other’s eyes,and i don’t think i will … Continue reading Poem: Cuteness


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