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Poem: Life must be beautiful

To wake up each day with a different meaning.Yesterday, not the same as today and vice-versa.A second chance to last day’s mistakes.How can one deny the favours that life has to offer?The blissfulness of curiousity, fear and excitement.Life enticing one to step into the unknown?Well then life must be beautiful.

Summer Love

The sun’s golden light mirrors your beauty, concealed inside, is a curious soul waiting to be freed. You can imagine why i don’t want summer to end,because that’s when you come out to the light andshow your true colors,unbothered by the judging world. Part of me knows that this love will soon come to an … Continue reading Summer Love

Poem: Grey Life

I have everything and nothing.A facade of a good life, butfull of murky shadows waiting topounce on every single chance i haveof happiness.But is it true happiness?is it a social dilemna?or its simply loneliness in disguise?A wild thought begetts doubt and doubt begetts ingratitude, thus,a lone-wolf is born.I still feel whole and empty,full of life … Continue reading Poem: Grey Life


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