You have to take one step at a time

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We all want that brand new Lamborghini, that big house in a fancy neighborhood or that fancy position at work. We all want so many things in life that other people are willing to do anything and everything they can to get those things, to get what they dream of in life. Nothing good in life comes easy, so there is always a catch, there is always one thing people aren’t willing to do this, so as to achieve their goals and to get what they want, and that is being patient along the process, to take one step at a time on their journey to success.

Yes, some people were fortunate to be born into the life that other people desperately want, but that’s not always the case, well, for most of us anyway. You have to be willing to take the necessary steps in life to have what you desperately crave, the life of fortune, fame, or money. There are ‘steps’ as some would like to call it, or ‘levels’ or in other words, phases in life you have to go through to make it in life, as you recall what I wrote earlier that, nothing good in life comes easy.

What are these steps or phases we are talking about anyway? Well, for the first step, we have all covered it anyway, which is imagining or picturing ourselves living that lavish life, driving that nice car or whatever it is you are hoping to achieve in life. The next steps that follow aren’t always easy, but they are of course the most important steps.

Here are some of the steps/phases you have to go through, all the way to success:

1. Dreaming about life

You’re just laying in bed, probably looking at the ceiling and you start picturing yourself coming out of that Rolls-Royce or living in that lake-house, living life until you eventually fall asleep. We all have those moments when we just escape from the world for a little bit, just fantasizing or imagining a life that we wish we had, but the most painful thing is snapping back to reality and realizing that you are still on ground zero.

2. Putting your imagination on Paper

You have pictured it, you want it, you write your ideas down, a vision for what you want. You try to put those unclear thoughts into paper, to believe it, to convince yourself that you want it. This is the most important phase as it paves way for the road that you want to take, for the path to success. You scramble a few words on paper, you tear it down, you know what you want, you know what’s on your mind, but you can’t seem to put it in black and white, but eventually, with time, you do succeed in doing so. Creating schedules, setting up meetings, preparing your speeches, investing, and/or designing charts or lists to really see the bigger picture from the far corner of the room.

3. Executing the idea

Now that you have dreamed it, written it down, the next step is to execute the ideas or plans, break a sweat, go to work, sleepless nights. Again and again, you make a lot of sacrifices, you lose some friends along the way, you lose some money, bad investments, or you meet the right people who will help you move forward with your vision. You have to remember that not everyone wants to see you succeed, not everyone sees the world the way you do, so you have to be focused on this big step, you have to be willing to let go of the good to get the better. You have to remember that it is in this step, where one takes a huge leap of faith because not at all times, you are going to succeed right at the get-go, you will fall many times and you will keep getting up, fall again until you eventually reach that light at the end of the tunnel. In this crucial step, you have to be ready to face the world, for what the world might throw at you, you won’t like it. You have to be fully committed to everything to work out the way you want.

4. Patience or letting the universe do its magic

In this final step, after all the hard work or amount of energy you would have used on some of the things we talked about on the third step, you wait. What do I mean by ‘wait’? I simply mean that even though patience takes time, waiting for the result is one of the most painful parts of your journey to success. Good things come to those who wait, and even if they don’t at a certain time you were expecting them to happen, you have to be willing to wait for more. You have to remember that for you to get this far, you knew that this step was to come and you would have to be willing to wait.

A lot of people want an easy life, but don’t want to work for it, I mean who doesn’t? We always see a lot of questions on the internet on, ‘How to make it quick in life?’, but the reality of it all is that life is not what it seems, things just don’t magically happen, but you have to work for it and you have to understand that you have to go through many steps in life until you reach to the top. You can’t take the first step, fourth step, the fifth step, and forget about the second step and the third, you have to make sure you go through each phase, one step at a time.

Patience takes time…

Evans Charlsea

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